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What if we made your backend look good?

Jamestown Plastics / What if we made your backend look good?

What if we made your backend look good?


To create a kick-@$$ rear end for the Chevy Impala.
(And, do it yesterday.)


Armed with our “can-do” attitude, and exterior automotive trim experience, we successfully re-designed the appliqués to give the Impala a more Corvette-styled, sexier rear end. In short – we made it a more attractive, sale-able product!

During our research, we realized there was room for significant improvement in the installation process. Our solution saved hundreds of man-hours per week on the production line.


By uniting with our customer and working hand-in-hand – we successfully took this project from concept to full production in under six weeks. Through many long nights and holiday weekends, and using our “is there another way to skin this cat” approach, we created a solution that resulted in an 80% reduction in installation costs. In turn, our customer’s successful results also led to several years of high volume production for us.


January 25, 2016