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Medical Health Care Industry Case Study


Our customer’s goal: To ‘cart’ themselves to the top of the medical cart industry. How could they do it?


A newly designed patient-friendly medical cart – that makes life easier for nurses and staff alike. Here’s what we did. By utilizing years of experience from many markets and manufacturing techniques – decorative films, multi-component assemblies, light gauge and heavy gauge materials, adhesive technologies, and even robotics – we created the most innovative cart ever introduced to the health care market in terms of styling, functionality, and versatility.

Through numerous collaborative brainstorming and fact-finding sessions – involving our engineers, our customer’s design staff and industry practitioners – we created the foundation to design the most successful “silk on a pig” project we could imagine.


We listened to our customer, and our customer’s customers, and drew upon our experience and knowledge. We gleaned our solutions from years of providing innovation in widely diverse markets and by asking ourselves – “what if, and why not?”

We were successful at every turn in creating a revolutionary product that improves the patient’s care and the provider’s workday.