Jamestown Plastics - Custom Thermoforming and Packaging

Electronics Case Study - Plastic Thermoforming

A patch of black ice, a steep incline, or even a texting teenager…without the where-with-all, your car’s brains could wreak havoc.


Our customer created a complex machine that manufactures the “brains” of the system that “drives” your car when you’ve lost control.

The final key to the machine’s success was its transport tray. Requiring critical tolerance dimensions – and the need to ensure repeatability within the manufacturing line – it was also robotically manipulated to precisely place them in the same location every time. The trays also needed to protect the delicate electronics from dirt, debris, and damaging impact when being shipped to other assembly locations.


Our engineers spent many hours – at the customer’s location, videotaping the machine in action, taking multiple measurements and conversing with their crew on the plant floor. We needed to understand all the challenges they faced, and what was required of our transport tray system.

We designed a heavy gauge A.B.S. transport tray system, comprised of several sub-assemblies. The finished transport trays met the critical tolerance dimensional criteria of +/- .005”.


When faced with manufacturing tolerances and repeatability expectations, which other suppliers deemed “impossible”, Jamestown took the approach of “How do we make it possible?,” and then got the job done.