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Consumer Goods MTV Moonman Case Study

Act I, Scene I - Challenge

George: “Hello…yeah, oh, hi boss. Yep, we're all good for next week’s Video Music Awards ceremony. All the gift boxes are ready to go – got the little Moon Man in his little tin, got the Big Elvis box – all good to go."

Mission accomplished. George goes to freshen his coffee. A nagging detail keeps trying to break through…“Big box, little tin…big box, little tin!"

As George stirs his coffee, he gasps, “I got a big box, a little tin - what is going to keep that little tin in the center of that big box?"

Act I, Scene II - Solution

George is at his desk frantically calling plastic manufacturers. George: “Hey, I’m working on an MTV Awards giveaway, yeah cool, I know…anyway, I need a custom insert tray…I need ‘em in a week…No, I am serious…hello?...hello?”

Finally, George reaches Jamestown Plastics. George: “… okay… I’m really trusting you... count’n on you guys.”

Act II, Scene I

Hour one: our engineers design an insert tray. Hours two, three and four: we make a prototype tool. Hours five and six: sample the tray and then drive samples to the airport for overnight delivery.

Act II, Scene II

George rips open the sample box… ecstatically and immediately he calls us to say, “full speed ahead.”

Act II, Scene III

Working the rest of the day and through the night to complete production tooling, the production flows on days four and five.

Act II, Scene IV

Day five: thousands of trays are flying to California for the MTV gift set... that’s why the Moon Man won’t get lost in space in the box.